Verbum Dei

The Verbum Dei missionaries are a pontifically approved Roman Catholic Institute of Consecrated Life founded in 1963 by Rev. Jaime Bonet in Mallorca, Spain.

Verbum Dei missionaries across the USA minister to and collaborate with people of different backgrounds who seek to actively make a difference in society. Through our work with people from all walks of life and our involvement in different settings — the marginalized, immigrant families, parish ministry, campus ministry, retreat ministry, and more – we have seen the parallel impact of how people begin to reach out to others in love as they grow in their journey of faith.

We in the Verbum Dei Community are animated by these Guiding Principles:

  • The Church of Today follows an increasingly globalized and inter-cultural reality and we offer our own sensitivity and lived experience of this evolution of Church in the world.
  • We work to cultivate a contemplative spirit and lifestyle to help a person find their center in God and live their Christian discipleship from God.
  • We emphasize a Personal and Communitarian realization of the Kingdom of God in one’s life – continuing the work of creating a more humane society and world of respect for human dignity.