Seeds of Life spirituality Center seeks to provide a contemplative environment where people can deepen their spiritual lives and be prepared for service/ministry in a variety of settings.

Our goal is to empower individuals, families, and communities by leading them to a deeper relationship with God, themselves, and others through contemplation, nature, art and music.

The Seeds of Life Spirituality Center welcomes guests from all backgrounds and walks of life for individual retreats, group retreats, conferences, spiritual direction, counseling, regular prayer opportunities, and workshops where people can find help and guidance in their spiritual lives.

Why is Seeds of Life Important?

Growing in our relationship with God and in the knowledge of God’s presence mostly happens when a person learns how to be silent inside and notices the presence and love of God in them already. This interior silence requires exterior silence, and it is helped immensely when the beauty of nature can transmit without words the invitation to simply be with God. When surrounded by and involved in the wonder of nature, a person often experiences the space needed for deep healing and the reclaiming of their own worth and power to make positive changes in their lives and in society.